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JUMO tecLine ClO2 and O3, Sensor for Chlorine Dioxide and Ozone (202634)


  • Two-electrode principle
  • Easy calibration
  • Integrated temperature compensation
  • Proven measuring system
  • Analog and digital version


  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Swimming pool disinfection


These membrane-covered amperometric sensors are used to measure the concentration of chlorine dioxide or ozone in aqueous solutions (e.g. drinking water, swimming pool water, industrial water, process water, and cooling water).

The sensor for chlorine dioxide can be used to measure chlorine dioxide from chlorite/chlorine and chlorite/hydrochloric acid plants.
The sensor for ozone can be used to measure electrolytically generated ozone among other things.

The sensors are not suitable for detecting the absence of chlorine dioxide or ozone.

The integrated electronics of the sensors provide a temperature-compensated current signal of 4 to 20 mA. A downstream device (indicator, controller, recorder, PLC, etc.) is used for calibration.

The sensors can be connected directly to a suitable display and control device. The display/control device JUMO dTRANS AS 02 (data sheet 202553) or the JUMO AQUIS 500 AS (data sheet 202568) are especially suitable for the combination with these sensors. They provide the voltage required for the supply of the sensors and allow for easy calibration of the measuring system.



Br.artikla: Opis proizvoda Cijena
202811/30-0000-00-308/055 Upit cijene
kompletan ugaoni dr¶aå za protoånu armaturu; (PG209791) Upit cijene
ser rezervnih delova za hlor/hlordioksid/ozon (kapica za membranu/brusni papir); (PG209791) Upit cijene
set rez.delova za ozon (202634/51 neos. na hemikal i tenzide);( membranu/brus.papir);(PG209791) Upit cijene
set rez.delova za 202636/.. za MO 0..500 mg/l; (kapica za membranu/brusni papir); (PG209791) Upit cijene
Ersatzteil-Set für 202634/47; MB 0..2000 (kapica za membranu/brusni papir); (PG209791) Upit cijene
spec.elektrolit za hlordioksid (202634/45 i 202634/46); (PG209791) Upit cijene
specijalni elektrolit za ozon (202634/50); (PG209791) Upit cijene
specijalni elektrolit za ozon (202634/51, neosetljiv na hemikalije i tenzide); (PG209791) Upit cijene
202811/20-0000-10-308-000 Upit cijene