Expertise and strengths

From the glass thermometer to Industry 4.0

In its early days JUMO concentrated on temperature measurement technology. Today, the Fulda-based family business is the world market leader in the field of industrial temperature probes for heat meters as well as a high-tech supplier of innovative systems and solutions in the field of measurement, control, and automation technology. From the very beginning, JUMO has always been in motion and has always been committed to innovation without neglecting the tradition that forms the basis of its 75-year success story. These roots have a decisive influence on the corporate culture.

Concepts such as duty and diligence as well as credibility and trust are not empty phrases – we live up to these values. Customers all over the globe rely on the quality and reliability that JUMO and its products provide.

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The Production division and Sales department work hand in hand for your success.

Hands with JUMO screw-in resistance thermometers

The result of the joint efforts is the best solution for a measurement and control task.

Complete systems from a single source – made to measure

The high quality of the products comes from a high production depth. Almost all required product components are manufactured inhouse. At the same time, JUMO achieves a very high degree of flexibility for customer wishes. These are individually addressed if no suitable solution is found in the broad product range. The close exchange with customers means that the portfolio is constantly being expanded with additional solutions for a wide variety of industries. This does not only apply to individual devices within a plant. JUMO's evolvement from a component supplier to a system provider allows it to provide your complete measuring chain from a single source.

A high degree of flexibility also requires a high degree of innovative strength, which is reflected in the fact that 8 % of JUMO employees are involved in development. The export rate of 54 % proves that measurement, control, and automation technology from Fulda is popular worldwide.

There's no such thing as "sold and forgotten" at JUMO. We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

Support over the entire product life cycle

JUMO is "more than sensors+automation". This "more" is reflected in both the breadth and flexibility of the systems and solutions as well as in the individual support that is provided for customers in their applications. Contrary to the widespread motto "sell and forget", JUMO accompanies its customers from development to downstream services over the entire product life cycle. In addition, JUMO works in close and long-term partnerships with its customers on specific solutions.

JUMO focuses on trust, reliability, sustainability, loyalty, and respect in its interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees. This is the basis for long-term, solid growth that far exceeds short-term sales and earnings targets. That is the reason why JUMO does not follow every trend but instead makes decisions on future opportunities based on a careful analysis and evaluation. The focus on the high-tech sector as well as future industries such as energy, environment, and automation is the result from such decisions.

A solid apprenticeship qualifies young employees to continue developing technological innovations in the future.

An apprenticeship as the foundation of success

Quality and reliability as well as flexibility and development demand a great deal of expertise. JUMO secures and expands both through a high level of employee loyalty and an excellent apprenticeship. With 1400 employees at the Fulda region, the company is one of the largest employers in the region. We are proud of long periods of employment and an apprenticeship quota of 7.7 % which is well above the industry average of 5 %.

In addition, JUMO has maintained close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda for decades and has contributed to the establishment of the Department of Electrical Engineering. JUMO also regularly offer internships as well as the option to write a thesis for a Bachelor's or Master's degree, which often leads to permanent employment. This creates new opportunities for professionals, for the region, and for one's own innovative capacity.

Development continues

JUMO is deeply rooted in the region with its research and development location in Fulda and is at home all over the world with a total of 2500 employees. The wide technological range provides a high degree of protection against industry crises. The result is a sense of security and potential for further development. It is based on organic growth, which has proven its worth in the family business. After JUMO had increased its workforce tenfold from 1952 to 1970 (from 100 to 1000) the first subsidiary was founded in Belgium in 1971. After that JUMO also expanded without acquisitions.

JUMO is experiencing healthy growth without acquisitions, especially in growth markets such as India and South America.

Further internationalization is directed towards the markets in India and South America, where JUMO sees great potential. The international production network with the established manufacturing centers in Romania and China will also be expanded further. The Fulda region is becoming a high-tech and development center which concentrates on new industries such as the processing of Water and wastewater.