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Quick response times and excellent process reliability

JUMO Presents Platinum Sensors with Metallized Back

JUMO has decades of experience in the production of high-quality temperature sensors and continuously works to further enhance them. The company's extensive range now has a new addition: platinum-chip temperature sensors with a solderable back.


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The sensor comes with a gold-plated nickel layer on the back so that it can be soldered to other components. The heat is transferred directly, which significantly reduces the sensor's response time and enables extremely precise temperature measurements.

The metallized back exhibits excellent adhesive strength and is optimally coated by all solders. This produces outstanding soldering results. All conventional soldering methods can be applied so that the processing of the sensor is easier.

As a special feature, the new products have connecting wires that branch off towards the center and can be angled upwards. This enables the sensors to be installed in a particularly space-saving manner. In addition to the version with connection wires, the platinum-chip temperature sensors are also available in an SMD design type (flip chip).

The sensors guarantee excellent process reliability and are ideal for applications where quick response times are crucial. Possible application areas include flow sensors for leakage or coolant monitoring, front-flush temperature probes, process sensors, and laboratory analysis devices.

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