Managing directors see great opportunities for JUMO

Successful action in difficult times

In May of this year, Bernhard Juchheim and Michael Juchheim withdrew from the operational management of JUMO GmbH & Co. KG in order to focus on their owner role in the future. In addition to Dimitrios Charisiadis, who has been JUMO Managing Director since 2020, Steffen Hoßfeld has been appointed as the new Managing Director. The management duo looks back on a challenging first few months and has big plans for the future.


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As Chief Executive Officer at JUMO, Dimitrios Charisiadis manages market-related functions such as development or sales and is currently drawing a positive balance despite a lot of turbulence: "We had an extremely strong 2021 financial year with sales growth of 17 percent to 280 million euros. This year, too, incoming orders are well above our target. Of course, we are also feeling the distortions on the procurement market. Many input products have been very difficult to obtain in recent months or have been available at massively increased prices. However, we are currently seeing a slight easing."

In the view of Dimitrios Charisiadis, the greatest opportunities for JUMO lie in the digital transformation: "Sensors are the sensory organs of the smart factory of the future. JUMO is one of the few companies in a position to offer end-to-end complete solutions from the sensor to the cloud - and for a wide range of industries. This clearly marks out our path."

As Chief Operating Officer, Steffen Hoßfeld is responsible for steering and organizing the entire operating processes. The topic of the smart factory is also determining the further development of the company: "We are currently planning a new production site in Fulda, where topics such as sustainability or digitalization are naturally at the top of the agenda. We will further optimize our entire processes by introducing a new ERP system at the beginning of 2023." In his view, the biggest challenge currently lies in energy supply: "JUMO is not one of the energy-intensive industries, but we are nevertheless preparing for all possible scenarios."

Together, Dimitrios Charisiadis and Steffen Hoßfeld are responsible for the strategic management of the JUMO Group and see the company well positioned for the future. "From a strong base in Germany, we will consistently drive international growth through our 25 subsidiaries in the coming years. Particularly in the Asian region, there is still a lot of potential that we can and must tap with our 2,500 employees," affirm Charisiadis and Hoßfeld.

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