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Regional responsibility

We support the region and its people

As a regional company we feel a strong connection with our home region because the name JUMO and the general partners Bernhard and Michael Juchheim are firmly rooted in the Fulda area. For us it is a matter of honor to support our region. We specifically support regional social institutions, cultural projects, or sports clubs. Child and youth work plays a particularly important role here. We always welcome good ideas.

Practicing social consciousness in our everyday lives

It is not only the employees who maintain a very friendly relationship with each other and who practice social consciousness in their interactions every day. We would also like to pass on this sense of social consciousness. For example, JUMO apprentices regularly organize projects with social institutions such as the Fuldaer Tafel or the Caritas workshops. The aim is to strengthen social values such as responsibility, civil courage, and social commitment.

Promoting the economy – securing jobs

The general partners Bernhard and Michael Juchheim vouch with their reputations for JUMO as a company. For decades, they have been committed to the regional economy and economic growth, thus securing jobs in the region. In recent years, Fulda has developed into a "paradise for employees" as a balanced mix of the following can be found here:

  • Secure jobs

  • High standard of living

  • Comparatively low prices

Good employer and strong partner

JUMO is known in the region for being a good and solid employer. In addition, we distinguish ourselves through our above-average commitment to apprentices. Find out more about Career prospects and the Apprenticeship at JUMO as well as projects that JUMO supports:

JUMO supports:


  • Projects especially in the field of "Youth-Education-Future".

  • Projects that serve as a standard for child and youth work (usually up to 18 years of age)

  • Sustainable projects with a funding period of up to 3 years

  • Particularly innovative projects

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Regional responsibility

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