Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

For an efficient lautering process, the temperature of the mash is also crucial. This is because, as the temperature increases, the viscosity of the wort decreases, meaning that lautering can be performed faster. The temperature should not exceed 80 °C, however, so the enzyme amylase remains active.

Process data
Lautering temperature max. 80 °C

Recommended solution for temperature monitoring

Perfect temperature for viscosity and enzymes

Our solution for temperature monitoring

The JUMO DELOS T electronic temperature switch keeps the temperature in the lauter tun constant. Using the temperature, the viscosity of the mash is kept as low as possible so that the lautering process is faster. Above all, however, the hygienic temperature switch ensures that a temperature of 80 °C is not exceeded so that the enzyme amylase remains active as this is essential for the process.

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